Who are we.

Tech Consolidated is a mobile interactive entertainment company. We develop fun games to be enjoyed by everybody. Our games are synchronized across many platforms so users can play any time and on any device.

All our games are free to be enjoyed without any expense, but we do offer in game purchases to be used based on preference. Our company is built on passion for games, team work, fairness, and respect. We believe that these values are what makes our company able to produce good quality games for everybody.

About US

We strive to make our products available to everyone and to provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our products’ end users. We are passionate about everything we do and we do it all for your satisfaction.

Visions and Goals

Tech Consolidated’s mission is to create innovative, technologically advanced gaming concepts of top quality that pervade as many different environments as possible, bringing numerous benefits to our users while they are having fun.

Message to the viewer

We strive to make excellent, fun games that draw in and please gamers around the world. We trust that our games catch the creative energies of experienced gamers and new gamers as well. We likewise look to increase the value of our products in a way that stretches out past table games by sharing our experiences. Subscribe to get an update of our latest innovations, or send us your comments, to further improve our service... Get in touch.