Slime Sleep - ASMR Sounds

Slime Sleep - ASMR Sounds

Simulator, Android, Relaxing, Fun

Squish, stretch, and smash slime for a super simulation without the mess!

Slime Simulation app that helps with personal meditation and self relaxation for a better sleep environment. Touch the slime, swipe and slide the realistic textures! Relieve your stress, relax your brain and sense the calm around you. Get the ASMR feeling while listening to deep healing music. Create your own custom slime: simply by choosing any shape and color, mixing ingredients and adding decorations and sprinkles of your choice! Try different types of slime: Meditation - Relaxation - Ambience - Nature - Tranquility - Tenderness - Memories - Peace - Mellow. You can choose any mood that will help you set a soothing, stress free and relaxing ambience!